Some have been created for use on different sites and blogs on request, and some are a product of inspiration and fun.


Jim Ed Rice.
March 2018

Dave Parker, AKA Cobra.
March 2016

A brief timeline of things related and unrelated to Vin Scully.
May 2014

We are Boston.
We are Strong.
April 2013

A look at no-hitters and their collective awesomeness.
April 2013

New York's punishment must be more severe.
Sept. 2012

A Venn diagram, breaking down the differences between Andrew Miller and Chris Sale.
Aug. 2012

Saying goodbye to the 2004 Boston Red Sox. Where are they now?
June 2012

A quick interpretation of Rajon Rondo's game.
June 2012

The official logo of Crazy Horse, my fantasy baseball team. That's right.
March 2012

Dustin Pedroia, leaping, hitting and short.
Feb. 2012

Justin Verlander, baseball's most valuable player.
Nov. 2011

Assembling baseball's "All-Vice Team." They're pretty good.
Oct. 2011

Tim Thomas rendered as a comic book hero.
Oct. 2011

Celebrating Carl Yastrzemski's long, long career in baseball.
Aug. 2011

A breakdown of Dustin Pedroia's 25-game hitting streak.
July 2011

This graphic plots all of the baseball teams in Massachusetts.
July 2011

Do not tread on Bruins goalie Tim Thomas.
June 2011

A graphic of pitcher Pedro Martinez's career. Typography and photos.
May 2011


Made for a friend, a long-time Seattle SuperSonics fan trying to adjust.
May 2011


Hear Jimi's train a comin'
Dec. 2018

... but you will always be the same.
Feb. 2014

Pearl Jam, a personal live history as a ridiculous chart.
July 2013

Play C3, inspired by "Insignificance."
July 2012

Neil Young. Smell the horse on this one.
Jan. 2012

Pearl Jam's many one-word song titles.
Nov. 2011

My tribute to Keith Richards. I'd like to make this a poster someday.
Sept. 2011

Keep calm, it's just some fun with two English classics.
Aug. 2011

A chart plotting the fate of all of The Who's songs from their ill-fated Lifehouse project.
July 2011

A typographical interpretation of Pixies' "Is She Weird."
Dec. 2010

A chart plotting the Beatles' discography from 1962 to 1970.
Dec. 2010


A friend of mine told me she was buying her first record player.
Dec. 2010


A logo for a Virginia Tech group.
July 2012

An Andy Warhol-esque treatment of a photo for print.
June 2012

Album a day calendar

Beginning Jan. 2011, I have been keeping track of what I listen to each day, in the form of an album-art calendar.

So, please, peruse my listening whims in handy calendar form. You'll notice I'm prone to listening to the complete masterworks of an entire artist for weeks.

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